I love dogs!

For all the dog lovers out there. I have included some pictures of 3 favorite furry friends; Binky, Bacah, and Teddy. I have had dogs all of my life. Pets give unconditional love to their owners. They just make everything better. Everyone that has a pet knows what I mean. Unfortunately, where I live right now, I cannot have a dog of my own. I frequently enjoy kisses, and cuddles from my puppy family. All of these dogs are rescue dogs. They have come from 2 different rescue organizations, which I will list for you. Please go on their sites, and check out the puppies that are up for adoption. These lovable cuties need homes. Please pass along the information to a family, friend, or coworker that may be looking to adopt.

www.fureveryoursrescue.org (Ask for Dorothy)
www.straycatblue.org (Cat rescue)

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